After 1 week with Ashislim, with my HIIT workout my body weight had loss 1.8 kg, body fat loss 8.2%, muscle is increased 7.7%,


“Lots of people had been asking me on how I lost my pregnancy weight. I took AshiSlim consistently and for 2 week, I have lost 2 inches of my tummy,”.


“I’ve been using AshiSlim for 15 day now, and I have lost 5 inches. I did cardio everyday, but it was very hard to reduce my belly fats. After adding AshiSlim to my routine, it was really helpful and I am really happy with the result,”


“For the first week consuming AshiSlim, I lost 1 inch from my tummy. After continuing for another week, I lost 3 inches with extra exercise and cardio. I tried to consume without any diet or exercise for the following 2 weeks. Amazing maintaining my waist line, and even lost 2.5 inches on the process,”


“Very easy to consume. My opinion ,it doesn’t taste bad at all. It made me wanted to go to the toilet pretty often but I lost my waist line quicker than ever. Since I’ve been jogging for almost 2 months now, it boosted my energy and I was 64.7kg last time, currently reaching 55kg,“


“I have already finished consuming AshiSlim for 1 box. Consuming everyday. Lost 2 inches with no diet, and no exercise at all,”


  • Chua Li Li
    It is good. I feel tummy not so bloated. Bowels movement is better. Will continue taking it.
    Chua Li Li
  • Candy Foo
    Okay. No side effect. Convenient.
    Candy Foo
  • Valar Nayar
    "Hi after taking ashi Slim for about 2 mths I have lost 2 kilos. Inches lost is prominent on my waist. This product is safe with no side effects."
    Valar Nayar
  • Kwa Siaw Yew
    I’m really happy like me like to take junk food very frequent, and the same time I lose weight.
    Kwa Siaw Yew
  • Wan Fariza
    I don’t feel anything – But I can see the effectiveness of products from my figure in terms of my weight, body fat percentage and visceral fat reduction after 2 months
    Wan Fariza